Message from our friends at the Rotary Club of Oro Valley:
ROTARY, HOCKEY AND SERVICE!!! Does it get any better than this!!!
The Rotary Club of Oro Valley has partnered up with IMPACT and the Tucson Roadrunners to host a food drive on Friday, December 7, 2018, at 7pm in the TCC Roadrunners Hockey Arena. 
The Roadrunners incredible CEO, knowing the amazing work Rotary does around town, has offered this special link (attached below) with discounted tickets if you would like to come out for the game, fellowship and of course, FUN!!
Fellow Rotarian's, throw on your club shirt and come out and play, lets fill this stadium with Rotarian's and if you are interested in participating in the food drive, please bring out a can of food for IMPACT!
We have press covering this event and want to get clubs in attendance mentioned at the game!!
Here you go:
Promo Code is FOOD
Hope to see you there!!
Happy Holidays!!
Stacey Fox
Rotary Club of Oro Valley