Tucson Presidio
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Time to get your Passport Tickets! Passport 2018 is coming up fast! November 3, 1-5 PM. 
The Passport Event is November 3!!! 
Don't miss out on a chance to win a great trip plus $1000.00 CASH!!!  Invite your family, friends and coworkers, too.
Tickets which can be purchased by calling 520-297-9349 or emailing phc@hwcg.com during business hours.
The 2018 Passport Event Details
When: Saturday November 3, 1-5 PM
This will be our fourth annual Passport event. Last year’s was a great success.  The basics: Each participant pays $50 and receives a Passport which allows them to sample one special food item at each restaurant, along with the ability to purchase a special cocktail for $2.
Cafe 54Proceeds will benefit Café 54 a non-profit restaurant training school. Café 54, a program of Coyote TaskForce, is a unique employment-training program for adults recovering from mental illnesses.  Café trainees receive on-the-job training as cooks, pastry chefs, cashiers, and dishwashers.  With the opportunities provided by Café 54, the trainees are on their way to independent employment in the community.

At Café 54 our mission is fourfold:

  • Assisting individuals with mental illnesses to become independent, tax-paying citizens

  • Providing the restaurant community with reliable employees who have had training and first-hand experience

  • Providing trainees with the tools they need to express their inherent talents and skills

  • Reducing the stigma surrounding mental illnesses by shifting focus from disabilities to abilities