This Week's Speaker - Krista Gypton, Community Outreach Coordinator for City High School

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City High School was founded in 2004 and currently enrolls approximately 180 students per year in grades 9-12. The student population represents a cross-section of the Tucson community, coming from a wide variety of feeder schools, neighborhoods, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This diversity allows students to learn from each other and their community. We are a small school by design, in order to achieve a high level of personalization. We strive to ensure that teachers and students know one another well and that all students get the support they need – and receive the challenges they are ready for – to achieve at their highest levels.


Krista Gypton has been hired by City High School to teach upper level English. She has served on the corporate board for Paulo Freire Freedom School. Gypton was a teacher at Walden Grove High School and received the honor of Walden Grove Teacher of the Year. Previously she served as CTE connections and internship coordinator for the Vail School District and has worked in education since 2003.

Gypton received her Masters of Education from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona and Bachelor of Arts in elementary education from the University of Arizona.